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Best Borewell Drilling Contractor in Kottayam

The name SN Borewells has been assosciated with borewell/waterwell/dugwell industry in Kerala for over 30 years. We are one of the most reliable multi disciplinary drilling contractors based in Kottayam, Kerala. Over the years, the company has built a reputation by drilling long-lasting points and backing them with a "personal" service unheard of in the drilling industry.

We provide drilling services for all types of borewell drilling for domestic, agriculture and industrial purpose. We are pioneers in drilling borewells of 4 ½" and 6½" dia with super fast hydraulic rigs and experienced borewell drilling operators. We dig both vertically and horizontally wells and are supported by trained and dedicated staff in borewell drilling who keep them updated with all relevant industry latest technologies.

The company is registered with central government water department and is an approved government borewell drilling contractor. We make use of all the cutting edge technologies and machines to offer excellent services to our valued customers.

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Member of the All Kerala Borewell Drilling Contractors Association